A Purposeful Collection - Beating with Nature

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Tò Mò

means to "Be Curious" in Vietnamese

With Curiosity by our side, we have embarked on a never ending quest to shape a purposeful combination of garments that will accompany you on your explorations, allowing you to reconnect, proudly carrying the shapes and color of Nature.

Matching our beat with Nature, our aim is to create a collection that celebrates the feminine force within us all, reflecting the agility of Nature through the versatility of the garments, the eye for details - growing from Inside Out.

By growing the courage to “Stay With The Trouble” throughout the entire value chain, give us the space to pace ourselves  with Nature -  allowing us to stay agile - nurturing a concept and collection that contributes to the world around us.


Do You See - The Story Beyond?

Empowered by the drawing of a courageous survivor of Human Trafficking, with a dream to Fly High - to see the ocean, we have chosen to engrave the shapes and lines of the birds in all our creations to celebrate the unconditional trust and connection between living creatures and Nature - offering you a Storyful collection of garments.