It Starts With You

From the start, I made it my mantra to evolve slowly and consciously; to only create garments that fulfill a greater purpose - creations beyond the shape and look. After several years of trial and error I have gathered my own little treasury of ideas, designs, and collaborations that will be launched one-by-one over time.

I am not in a hurry.

Every piece deserves its space and time and my aim is to honor their uniqueness and the story beyond. My goal is to create high-quality, versatile, beautiful, and sustainable creations to accompany us - you and me - on our journeys ahead.​

So, this starts with YOU and ME.

​My hope and wish are that, dressed up in a Tò Mò creation, you will indulge in explorations, connect with yourself & others, embrace the WILD in You, & LIVE fully!​


Curiously Yours,

Adrienne De Geer, Founder and Social "Creative" Entrepreneur