Our Guide - To Beat with Nature

“That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees." Marcus Aurelius

When Tò Mò was still in its cradle, our firm objective was not to create just another product, to feed the insatiable and never ending accelerating creator of consumption. We wanted to start with the end - daring to askourselvesand others the questions  - however uncomfortable - digging deeper all the way to the WHY? And on this journey, allowing the brand and product to take shape, discovering the purpose as a brand - What are we here for? How are we contributing? - always ready to adapt and listen. 

Through the guidance of the Earth Logic Plan - keeping the ear to the ground - we wanted to understand what lies beyond the word ‘Sustainable.’ For us, it isn’t a destination - it is an attitude - an ongoing process.

We choose  ‘Purposeful’ as our core value - meaning making conscious decisions in every step of the way - staying agile - always ready to question. It is about staying alert, and injecting this attitude into the entire value chain - how we are Living it - but also how we trigger the consciousness in everyone we meet along the way - in their interaction with the brand.

We proudly invite you to meet Our Guide (link) for more information